The Residents

"Interview (Part Two) [2]"

Syd: And that was Loser ≅ Weed! The flip side of The Residents single “Satisfaction” Now Mr. Clem I’ve read that Trouser Press magazine has referred to Satisfaction as the most determinant-ly repellent music ever heard. Can you comment on this?

Mr. Clem: I’ll be glad to Syd. Um I can certainly see the point of view for that contention, I think, however the key work here is determinant-ly, one should question the purpose or intent of this work, and uh if they do I’m sure that they will agree that this is in fact the most determinant-ly repellent music ever heard.

Syd: Well is there then any truth to the rumour that The Residents are very seldom seen out in the day-time.

Mr. Clem: Uh quite true Syd, uh the fact is we frequently have to have their food sent into them.

Syd: Now don’t you feel a little foolish in this position? You’re no more than babysitters to a group of malcontented young fops.

Mr. Clem: Be that as it may Syd, we here at uh Ralph Records and The Cryptic Corporation, support The Residents and their point of view concerning the sorry state of affairs of this culture. We further feel that it’s necessary to take certain supportive action to ensure that The Residents, as well as other artists like them are able to exist and to function in this culture which will in turn ensure that the culture has a future, rather than having only a past.

Syd: Well maybe you have a point there. Let’s get on with some more of this so-called music. Now we have The Residents “Melon Collie Lassie” from the EP Babyfingers.

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