The Residents

"Interview (Part Three) [1]"

Syd: Okay! We are back in the RAO studios in houston, this is Syd Powele with Mr. Jay Clem representative of Ralph Records. During the next few minutes we will be hearing some of the early Residents material, the first selections will be a medley from the 1972 release, Santa Dog. Mr. Clem can you comment on this Santa Dog?

Jay: Uh sure enough Syd, Santa Dog was The Residents first pressed record it represents their 1972 christmas card, as well as being the first official Ralph Records release.

Syd: Well I understand that the last few copies of this recording went for the ridiculous price of $25, is this true?

Jay: Uh absolutely true Syd, in fact it was quite a deal at 25, I understand if somebody wanted to buy one today they’d have to go as high as 50 smackaroos.

Syd: Well wonders never cease, let's hear some of this Santa Dog.

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