The Residents

"Interview (Part Three) [2]"

Syd: Next we travel further back in time to the days of The Residents very beginning. Now I understand that The Residents at this time were working with and highly influenced by two figures, the Mysterious N. Senada and the british guitar player Snakefinger Lithman.

Jay: Uh that’s right Syd, let’s talk about Snakefinger Lithman first. Uh Snakefinger had caught word of the experimental uh music and tape recording work they were doing at the time and uh, incidentally Syd these some of these Residents tapes are said to have found their way into Germany back in the early 70s and and actually influenced some of the early german avant-gardists.

Syd: Aha!

Jay: Anyway, one day Snakefinger arrived in San Mateo, California where The Residents had their studios at that time and they began to get acquainted and did some work and actually produced some very interesting tapes.

Syd: Well let’s hear some of this Snakefinger. Now we’ll have The Residents doing Frank Zappa’s King Kong with Snakefinger Lithman on guitar.

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