The Residents

"Interview (Part Three) [3]"

Syd: Now Mr. Clem I understand that The Mysterious N. Senada was highly influential on The Residents ‘philosophic’ background, now how can this be since he has been said to speak no English?

Mr. Clem: Uh well Syd it is true that The Mysterious N. Senada spoke very little if any English, however he did find the English language quite fascinating and he was quite fluent um verbally as well as musically, employing the the theory of phonetic organisation, uh a synthesis of the two uh produced very good results uh in the situation, it was- it was this uh this musical implementation of of phonetic organisation that was so highly influential on The Residents music.

Syd: Now wait just a minute, perhaps we should hear just a little more about this Phonetic Organisation!

Mr. Clem: Okay Syd! I’ll try to give you a little bit about that now. It’s a little tough to try to explain in English, but if I actually uh uh implement the theory of uh phonetic organisation I can gzip, gzap gzum like this.

Syd: Hmm, well perhaps we should hear it from The Mysterious N. Senada himself. Here he is, with The Residents doing Kamikazie Lady.
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