Cash Kidd


Well, well, well
Last b*tch made me wake up with one sock
b*tch, I went barefoot, haha
The f*ck, man? Crazy
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Man, damn, I fell in love with a thot
sh*t, I don't know, it might just be the top
Like a butcher, f*ck it, let 'em meet the chop
n*gga get hit by the shell like Barack
Yeah, I go M.I.A. when sh*t get hot (Out the way)
sh*t, only thing I'm scared of is the cops (Nah, for real)
They don't believe the feds real 'til they stuck in that box
Damn, this b*tch head ill, I don't care if she a thot (I don't care)

[Verse 1]
n*ggas braggin' 'bout jail, I respect who ain't get caught
You ain't put your people in position, then you ain't a boss
n*gga got aggressive 'cause my b*tch told him to pay the cost
He was tryna take the box like when they turn the cable off
Lost a couple people that I love, but it ain't a loss
Devil on my shoulder, I'm like shut up, let the angel talk
It ain't fun f*ckin' hoes no more 'cause this di*k make 'em stalk
She suckin' my di*k so lazy, might just made her walk
Seen my dog losin' hope, I'm tryna tell him he the G.O.A.T.
It's a lot of sh*t I need, but I ain't never need a ho
Better watch that slick mouth before we hit you with the scope
When we score, it's teardrops like I hit 'em with a flow
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