Cash Kidd

"Soul Snatcher"

[Intro: Cash Kidd]
(Another Faided beat)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, I'm sorry, so sorry I broke your heart, yeah
But it never was that, huh
Yeah, I know you think I'm reckless for that, huh, ayy, yeah

[Verse 1: Cash Kidd]
f*ck the money, it's the time I ain't gon' never get back
When you switched, you broke my heart, thought we was better than that
I gave my dawg everything, still got stabbed in the back
But I ain't stressin', guess I learned another lesson from that
f*ck with the kid, we in your crib like the Cat in the Hat
Like a frat, we gon' step, like I'm travelin', ref
Yeah, I'm a star with a pole like the American flag
My n*ggas eatin', but they hungry, I suggest not to flex
Like Rae Sremmurd
Yeah, they know better, huh
Yeah, I'm in the club with Yoshi and Live
And they known steppers, huh
Yeah, I brought your b*tch to my world
And she said, "Why such cold weather?" Huh
Ayy, I'm paranoid, layin' with two ratchets, huh
Feelin' like the old Hefner, huh, ayy, ooh
Thousand-dollar shoes layin' 'round, you would kill for 'em
You ain't made no money yet, b*tch, you out here still hoin'
Told her we gon' f*ck after she suck, but I'ma still ho her
Catch a bullet from this Eagle, your new name Terrell Owens
Know they tryna block my goals now like I'm field goaling
b*tch, you mad I'm on my toes now, I ain't heel-toeing
First I was playin' with this sh*t, now I for real want it
Ayy, now I'm real focused
Stabbed me in my back, but somehow my heart broke
Ran it way up, that lil' n*gga Marc on, huh
We ain't washin' clothes, but this one a large load, huh
Blues and oranges, I ain't talkin' bar close, huh
Swan hit my line, said pull up on Park Road
Just showed me a method, he got eighty smartphones
I was gettin' neck, the police said, "This park closed," huh
b*tch asked me to lick her, I said, "b*tch, the bar closed"
Ayy, yeah, sh*t take no effort, huh
If I point, what you think G and Money gon' do? They so extra, yeah
Out here fightin' for my life tryna dodge the pen' like a pro wrestler
Ayy, big bad wolf, she gon' blow me in the crib, I'm a homewrecker, huh
New b*tch, she a soul-snatcher, huh, ayy, ooh
New stick, it's a soul-snatcher, huh, ayy, yeah
Five-six-seven forever, huh, ayy, ooh

[Verse 2: JaiSwan]
These pus*y ass n*ggas know better, huh, huh
Baby, I apologize if you ain't get your nut, I got mine
More hoes than the pole on a stop sign
Marc touchin' bricks, you would think he rock climb
I used to see through these lame hoes like hot fries
R.I.P Jeff, I'm so sorry, Don-Don
I got your back, I just hope you got mine
Your daddy, he a b*tch, put him in my top five
Ridin' through the gravesite, that's where all the opps hidin'
Uh, ayy, huh, I'm a tatted Grove member
Huh, what? Huh, we in house like we on tether, huh
Stab a n*gga b*tch like I'm Michael Myers on Goldmember, huh
Money rollin' 'Wood after 'Wood after 'Wood, he got four splinters, huh
Gotta enjoy life before this sh*t end
So before I go, I want six kids
I need my kids to live for me if I didn't live
n*gga, let that sink in like you fix cribs
Dawg actin' tough 'cause he 6'10"
Give that n*gga sixty like six tens
I don't give a f*ck if this his twin
Put a band on your fro like you Big Ben, huh, huh
Huh, I been with the cold sniffers, huh
I swear it's like them hoes do whatever I say, because they knows better, huh
This white n*gga ran off, so I left that man dark, but I don't know Dexter, huh
Catch a body, then a first-class flight to Green Bay, I'm like, "Go Packers," huh, ayy
If you want me dead, just aim for the head
I thought we was homies, Cleo and Stoney
I heard what you said, I thought you was my mans
My mama told me you weren't for me

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