Cash Kidd

"Get the Bag Off"

[Intro: Bagboy Dav]
Y'all n*ggas ain't got no bag, man
(JK brazy)
I can't keep this bag off of me

[Chorus: Bagboy Dav]
Get the bag off of me
Get the bag off of me
Ayy, get the bag off of me
Get the bag off of me
Ayy, b*tch, we ballin', your main b*tch keep callin'
Now she on the road, she stuffin' for me
On the road, rollin'
Ayy, b*tch, we on the road, now we ballin'
Ayy, get the bag off of me
Ayy, get the bag off of me
Ayy, get the bag off of me
Ayy, get the bag off of me

[Verse 1: MellyVsMell]
I drove seventeen hours to that one town (I did that)
Soon as I touch, n*gga, sh*t slow down (For real)
My name good, everybody knowin' pape' around
40 Glocks, TEC-9s, plus a Drac' around (Big chop)
I call up twin, I bet he gon' lay you down (Bam)
Chopper hit his whip, that n*gga catchin' fifty-six
I'm with the seven-four, they all swipin', sellin' blow (Woo)
VVSs in my chain got my neck froze
I learned how to mix, I'm hangin' with Baby Sip (Baby Sip)
He showed me how to turn a half to a whole brick (For real)
Free Ghetto, that n*gga in the federal
Turnt overnight, keep that bag in my schedule
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