Cash Kidd


And I be sittin' down while I record, you feel me?
High as hell
Ayy, f*cked a lil' b*tch, she shy as hell
b*tch give me neck, might as well
Ayy, huh
Ayy, huh

Gettin' head while I smoke, dump the ashes in her weave
Opp b*tch only find me attractive 'cause I'm me
Lil' broke ass hoes tryna trap me like some D
'Cause they know I'm comin' up like Michael Jackson when he lean
Jugged a lame for the sauce, he keep askin' for a feature
It's gon' cost a pretty penny, I don't rap like this for free
Rats callin' rats rats, please practice what you preach
He keep flexin' with that presi', up the pole, get him impeached

b*tch, pull your panties up, I want the neck, we not f*ckin'
Look, my way or the highway, I'm not fussin'
My ex-b*tch want us to work, told her go job huntin'
b*tch, what we talkin' 'bout, you ain't talkin' 'bout stuffin'?
b*tch, what we talkin' 'bout, you ain't talkin' 'bout punchin'?
All this fake love in the air got me Glock clutchin'
Yeah, you cute with a pretty face, but I'm cuffin'
You sound cute on that lil' tape, but n*gga drop somethin'
Ayy, I only f*cked that b*tch 'cause she remind me of my other ho
Damn, I miss her, but a lame put his cuffing on
Can you please let me see our b*tch? I wanna f*ck her throat
Put it all on film, count an onion roll, huh
See the ice, what you got, like a hundred on?
Oh, that's nice, up the pipe, catch a hundred more
All that swiping in your songs, you ain't really punchin', though
All your sh*t bouncin' back, get your flubber on
Make a b*tch talk to the hand, get my puppet on
Change my number every season, you were just my summer ho
You ain't bringin' nothin' to the table, baby, run along
Damn, you hating on me too, n*gga? The f*ck going on?
Up banana clip out the window like I'm Donkey Kong
Banana clip, catch you slipping in traffic, yeah
Stretch a n*gga like I'm Mr. Fantastic, ayy
Grown as hell, pus*y stank, need her ass kicked
Couldn't send no money, I was f*cked up myself
I'll ho a bougie b*tch 'cause I'm stuck-up myself
Think I'm lackin', but I'm packin', I ain't gotta call for help
Like we lapped up in the car, Yoshi got bodies on his belt
Opp b*tch know I got the hoes, but all them b*tches in they place
Cookie 'bows louder than a cricket when it's late
No, I'm not shoplifting, but the b*tch get off my waist
Catch a body like fans do outfielders on the gate
Crib sittin' on a lake, b*tch sittin' on my face
When she try to argue with me, I just hit her with the K
n*gga tried to argue with me, so I hit him with the K
Think somebody wearin' bugs, they caught my n*gga in a raid
Free Monty, free Hitman, all my n*ggas on the way
Ain't a dance contest, why your sh*t ticking in the face?
Feel like the Franchize Boyz, the lean rock my dawg to sleep
Thirty hangin' off the road like the one tire on the Jeep
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