Cash Kidd

"Have You Seen My Socks?"

Let me hit that, let me hit this b*tch, yes
(Shout out my n*gga Synco)
No, I don't want no dubs
A dub in my pocket, only hundreds and fifties on me
The f*ck? Ayy (Passenger side, tryna, ayy, ayy)

Ayy, do anybody know where my socks went?
Ooh, playin’ with her titties wile she drivin'
I just f*cked the dog sh*t out an opp sis, ayy
Then it's right back to the dough like a locksmith, ayy
Fingers crossed when I told the b*tch I promise
Ayy, get money, f*ck hoes, drop sh*t
f*cked her good, she woke up, bought me a chopstick
Pull up, chop sh*t like a bail bondsman

[Verse 1]
Opp b*tch like, "Ooh, this some good di*k"
Sold her ass a dream, goofy ho, you ain’t my new b*tch
Fear Factor, I just fed the b*tch some bullsh*t
Told her what she wanna hear, you know, some smooth sh*t
Ain't no lackin', we back packin' like a school kid
They gon' chalk 'em when I shoot 'em like a poolstick
Catch a computer thug out like, "n*gga, who a b*tch?"
See my ex and whip a roll out like Ludacris
Lil' b*tch whipped up on my horse like the KK
Might post a b*tch on Craigslist, shout out Day-Day
These phones that I punched was free, shout out AJ
Get to wiggin’ on a b*tch like Shenehneh
Get to trippin’ on this b*tch like a vacay
n*ggas sneak dissin', like the globe, better state names
One call, he gettin’ dropped like he ain't got no service
See you clowns and we catchin' bodies, it's not no circus
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