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(Intro: Lucas Nino)
Life full of agony, yeah
Life full of drama. Uh
Life full of agony, yeah
Life full of drama. Uh
Sometimes I wanna leave!

(Verse 1: Lucas Nino)
For my whole life on earth, I’ve been
In agony. I feel like there’s a evil spirit
Trapped inside of me. I feel like the world
Is against me. Because I’m different
I’m unique, some say f*cking crazy
I’m just making music I love, I’m doing
It for the passion, you’re doing it for
The fame. I don’t f*ck with that, if you ain’t
About the Real, then get back. I’m calm
Right now but back off before I start
Taking ludacris. NF, Dmx, dappy Eminem
I love them, in love with rap. I love this
I love the music but not the industry
And the toxic business yeah. Y’all make
Great artist underrated while, hyping
Up the predators and woman beaters
Like Chris yeah. I’m so sick of that bullsh*t
Y’all make my fingers itch

(Hook: The_rap_demon)

(Verse 2: The_rap_demon)

(Hook: The_rap_demon)

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