"Fed up with your crap (diss to Aiden)"

[verse 1]
f*ck this sh*t
I'm getting fed up with ur ass
Man f*ck u Aden
U a prick
A f*cking di*k
If u a rapper
Why u suck and swallow
Yeah i got the girl
Took the world
For a whirl
U be twirling in high heels
And a skirt
f*cking pus*y
Ant no rapper
U a crapper
Every time u talk
All i see is all the crap
Its coming out your mouth
Bet ur ass is jealous
I know your jealous
U be trying to play the game
Get that fame
How can u get fame
If your own Fam don't love u

[verse 2]

Fed up with your crap
This was a friendly battle
To boost both our accounts
Tell u pus*yed out
New u were bout to lose
Then u bring my girl into it
Man f*ck u
She got more balls then u
sh*t atlest she says stuff to ur face
U gotta talk crap behind mak back to her
Man u desperate
b*tch u trying to get dirt
Ant gonna get it tho
I'm not shady like u

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