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"Suffer sinners"

Suffer sinners
U sinned
U did the crime
b*tch ur time is runing out
U p*ssed him off
Oh no
The demon is p*ssed
Ur f*cked
The demon is coming
Hell show ur ditch ass no mercy
U f*cked up bro
Hes coming for u
Hes bringing u a gift
For u and the other f*cken sinners
He brings
Pain and damnation
U will suffer
He will make u wish u were in hell
b*tch u'll wish u were f*cken dead
He is the end of days
He will be ur end
Run b*tch, run b*tch
Hes coming
Judgment day is athand
(suffer sinners)
b*tch u better run
U better pray to god
Pray for forgiveness
b*tch he is coming
He won't give mercy
Only pain and suffering
(suffer sinners)
Pay for ur sins
Run b*tch run
U better run
U better hide
'cuz the demons here
Hes coming for u b*tch

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