"Foreigner (diss to foreign blood)"

This a battle
Man put a sattle on that pitch
Turn your ass into my cattle
U the snake without the rattle
Ant got nothing
U stuck in a boat without a pattle

[verse 1]
Sounding like a b*tch,b*tch
Living in a ditch,b*tch
Got no pitch,b*tch
I'm ballen
U falling
Trying to draw them cheat sheets
b*tch i got the map in my pocket
U need to sock it
Got my gun
c*ck it
One shot your dead
Got u in your spot
Ur out like a light
Not so bright.'
b*tch i'm a fighter
When i say i'ma do something
I'ma do it
I don't give a dam
Fight me
Then again
U ain't so bright
One shot
Out like a light
This dog got no fight in it
Ant got the height
Come on
Better get to stepping walk it out
Cuz i'm talking it out
Your not that bright
Man u f*cked up in the head
Walk up to the white house
Cuz its my house
Walk up
Talk to Trump
Man let's build that f*cking wall
f*ck that foreignblood
Build that wall
Keep that blood out wallie-world
Yeah i be rocking wallie world
He be wanting to rock with me
But he can't
Cuz they can't rock with me
Cuz i'm the rap demon
Man f*ck there blood
They ain't my blood

[verse 2]
Man foreign blood
Looking like a dam burrito
Go shove it up your ass
Looking like a slim Jim
U slim
And your f*cking Jim
U a wannabe slim shady
U so f*cking shady
I'm fading away
b*tch i made u
I can break u
I'm the rap demon
The creator
The end
I am your end
Pop, pop, pop, pop
One shot
Man f*ck this sh*t
Living in a pit
U throwing a fit
One shot lyrics coming at u
Super sonic speed

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