"The rap demon strikes (diss to heropus*y)"

Dead man production

[verse 1]
Yeah u trying to rap
Man f*ck your demons
I'm the f*cking rap demon
b*tch I'm tired
Of getting dissed
Man f*ck it
Ur diss was a miss
sh*t I give u a real diss
b*tch my deal is for real
Ur ads must be jealous of ur mouth
Cuz of all that sh*t coming out
b*tch raping in a ditch
Ant got no f*cking pitch
f*cking snitch
I'll give it b*tch ass stitches
U be sounding like a b*tch.b*tch
Living in a ditch b*tch
Man u stupid
f*cked up in the head
Talking bout geting head
U can't get none
I got your mom deep throuting..
Going balls deep in that b*tch
She dry as f*ck
Oh look
Oh my god vagina spiders
Man f*ck it
No wonder u alone
U f*ck that b*tch once
Just drop the mic
And walk away

[verse 2]
Can't stop laughing
At your pathetic diss
Shoot my di*k off
b*tch u ain't got one
I'm the where
What teh f*ck
U can't even spell.whore
U should know
Oh wait u can't get on
I'm the whore
Nah u the whore
I can get a girl
Stick to 1 year olds b*tch
Oh wait
U can't even get her
Shes too good for u
U can get off your nee's
Same that sh*t for your boy friend
Talk about di*k sizes
f*cking centimeter
That's what u got
Gay ass bragging about that
Man talk about some ones sis
A 1 year uld
Shout out to my bro
What the f*ck
Picking on his sis
His girlfriend
The f*ck some rapper
sh*t his lil sis
Is one years old
Just turned one year old
She got more balls then u

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