"Stan diss 2"

[Verse 1](words= 458)
Damn Stan, what you doing Stan, thought you where a fan Stan, then again your not my damn fam Stan
But god dam Stan, I can tell you took your best shot at me, cause you really tried your best
But it don't matter, cause it wasn’t good enough, then again your not as good as me
But keep calling yourself the best, I don't care
Cause everyone knows you can't do sh*t
You wanna be the best, b*tch take a dam number, stand in line, Stan
But keep trying to dis me, cause all you can do is miss me, cause my well is bottomless, b*tch you just hit rock bottom in your wishing well
I got all these people talking sh*t, firing shots at me
Man i must be immortal, cause they all keep bouncing back, like my di*k in your girls ass
Man I’m starting to wonder if the'll miss you, when your gone
Cause I kill beats everyday, but today I'll kill you to
Dam Stan, you hear them kids singing, they singing the London bridge is falling down
Oh wait, I think that's just your career
Oh wait what career, cause we all know your just another wannabe slim shady
b*tch go get your bookie. You should stop playing hooky, cuz you can't get no nooky
But your to busy playing hooky, to realize I just got you in check mate, with my rook
Just ask Emmy and Aubrey, cuz last night I left hickeys on there backs
Hay fatty go snap it to a slim Jim, slim jimmy, or should I call you little Jimmy
Oh wait, that's why you changed your name
Sorry who's the wannabe, cuz you say its me
But at least I'm not the one taking Eminems name
But even with his name, b*tch you can’t get no views
Dam, now that’s as sad as your selfie
Stan, you should just go back to driving off them bridges
But all you can do is miss, cuz you gotta realize stand, there ain't sh*t you can do to me
Wow, I see you mentions me in your wannabe hit song, f*ck off everyone
Now I’m seeing that you not only took one shot at me, but 2 shots..
Dam Stan, thought you where a dam fan
Guess you need a brain scan, cuz this fan just lost his god dam mind, so I guess we need to rewind
Cuz you just got blow away by the wind, cuz you lightweight

[Verse 2](words= 614)
Talk about my mom, its okay, cuz I f*cked your mom last night, left the mic in her, so the mics yours
But Dam Stan your mommy still drives you to school, I drive my self to school, high school b*tches
But Dam Stan, you must be f*cked up in the head
Cuz you be talking sh*t about me, i just got done slaying the dead
Butt f*ck it, Stan i thought you were dead
But you walk up on my block, now I gotta lock and load, cuz i gotta c*ck back aim
Talking sh*t on my block, Stan you should go. back to sucking c*ck
Then again i don't really care what you do, just get that off my block
Take that sh*t back to your block, cuz this my f*cking block
b*tch you better move, cuz I'm back in black
b*tch better move, cuz i'm about to step on you with my black boots
Talk about, me talking sh*t, yet I’m not the one attempting to fire off shot
O you better step up your game, cuz your losing the fight you picked
Talk about five fingers in your mom
Dam dude, I know your f*cking ugly, but that b*tch is butt ugly
Call me fake, talk about the light side, but b*tch your not bright
Yeah, I'll admit I'm not bright ether, guess you can call me Darth Vader
Cuz i'm leaving my mark on the dark side
And dam, i just read an actual fact out of. One of your raps
I gotta give it to you, cuz your right, you don't have no life, and you probably will never have a.wife ether
But bro that's besides the point, b*tch I'm about to brake all your joints, cuz I just cut the brake line on your bike, so have a nice ride b*tch
Then again you probably used to it, cuz all you do is ride heroboyz all day
Call me gay, at least ain't telling people to suck my di*k
Talk about ducking, one punch I'd knock your ass out, b*tch you better knock it off
I would say one shot, but unlike you were nit alike
Cuz I don't need to copy eminem to be the best
Then again you took 2 names feom gim, yet you can't even get over 100 views, i only do that like everyday, oh
Stan, come on bro I know your just a fan but jeez, cut the crap
Cuz that sh*t you post, ain't rap, that sh*t crap
Cuz you be over there talking about fans
But what fans, cuz I have more fans then you in your home town
Talk about giving me an early x-mas
You must be f*cked up in the head
Cuz I take what I want, b*tch you have nothing I want
I got the fans, got the views, b*tch you should stick to watching the news
Cuz I might be on it, cuz I'm about to kill your ass
I'll send you to the hospital, then send your parents the bill
Call my rap crap, b*tch your about to get slapped
Tell me not to get the label involved, man f*ck a label, I don't need a label, I put that label throw a table
Now your next, and this ain't just a hex
Cuz the rap demon is coming for you
Then again, i can beat you on my own
The again, who the f*ck are you
Logos, slim jimmy, staneminem2006, man who the f*ck are you
Logos, slim jimmy, Staneminem2006, b*tch pick a name
Cuz you be talking all that crap, but b*tch you can't even keep a dam name
Talking about never taking anyone as a fool, b*tch you are the fool, even lil Trool can beat your ass

[Verse 3](words= 133)
But Stan, keep talking about my mom, sh*t, my real mom never did sh*t for me
You over there talking about how she drives me to school, nah that's your spoiled ass
But keep acting like Charlie, cuz your just another wannabe rebel
Man f*ck a rebel, cuz you be throwing pebbels, acting like you on my level, but you gotta be straight to be on my level, but your nit straight
Copy me all you want b*tch, cuz it ain't gonna get you outta that ditch your in, cuz this b*tch ain't got no pitch
Some one go get the switch out, cuz its time to break this cracker
Cuz I'm tired of these slackers, hacking just to get a rap

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