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"So you think you better(freestyle)"

Charlie: your better at emotional songs
Charlie: I'm better at freestyling then you
Drako:oh okay, i guess we haven't meet yet

Hello lil boy, my name is drako
f*ck a volcano, cause I'm coming at you like a tornado
So i guess you can call it a sharknado
Cause drako's coming at you as fast as a mako
I'm so tired of your mumbo jumbo,raping like you dumbo
Cause you just another wanna be rebal
So I kick your ass like its a pebble
b*tch fruity as pebbles, so I kick his ass like a pebble
Like the titanic in the atlantic to the bottom you go
Cause I just arrived alive, but if i go live you won't even be able to survive
Cause your music makes you break out in hives, mine thrives it strives
But not to deprive you lil boy, but right nown i feel like I'm stuck in overdrive
Like saliva going in the vigina all the way to China
f*ck an advisor, b*tch I'm wiser
Siting on the risor's wearing my visor
But write a diss, ill just eat it like a f*ckin appetizer
f*ck a divisor,call me the equalizer cause I don't even need one
So call me smart, but I'm just making art
I do my part ans get on the chart cause I got heart
Life's hard, but i got all the cards
Call this my yard, but in my regards I'm walking on sharp shards of glass everyday
Cause i was born in May, born with horns
sh*t storms rollen in, global warming
No one ever warms me when I have to perform..
But now I think you can confirm thats i've transformed
But f*ck a college dorm, cause them bitcehs come in swarms
I'm filling out all these forms, but that's just the norms
But like the song saus don't f*ck with us, dut dam y'all just if said that in second person
Cause two agenst one and you still didint do sh*t
Now I pet your throwing a fit, cause you diss and you diss
But f*ck it, cause I just turn it into a miss
Talking sh*t, throwing fits thats all your good
Man f*ck this sh*t, cause I feel like mom an dad put me on babysiting duty, but dam your fruity
But now you wanna talk about a freestyle, but maybe i don't wanna reconcile
But now you wanna talk about a freestyle, but maybe i don't wanna reconcile
I haven't smiled in a while, but then agian your sh*t isn't even worth while
So f*ck the 8 mile, cause i walked the whole 13 mile
Walking tiles its vile, I just leave the body's in a pile
But I just got one last question for ya, who's better now?

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