Flo Milli

"F’d Up"

[Verse 1: Savannah Cristina]
I don't catch feelings, b*tch, I catch flights
I'm pullin' up in somethin' that you can't buy
I don't got time to say sh*t twice
I don't wanna talk past midnight
Heard you sayin' something, say it wit' your chest
I double up the figures, comin' at your neck
Do the dash on these n*ggas, I ain't seen 'em since
Before I chase a n*gga, I'ma chase a cheque

[Chorus: Savannah Cristina & Flo Milli]
You n*ggas got me f*cked up
You ain't got a problem but you want one
I don't want nobody in my call log
If I want a n*gga, I'ma call one
You n*ggas got me f*cked up
I'on even think that I could love one
I'on even think that I could trust one
I'on even think that I want one (Flo Milli sh*t)

[Verse 2: Flo Milli]
I hope you don't think that you somethin' I need (No)
I've been a boss, boy, you can't sh*t on me
How could I take a loss when I'm focused on cheese?
If I did half the sh*t that you did, you would leave
You blowin' my line, I ain't even got the time
Look at you runnin' back when I don't feel nothin' inside
I got you feelin' stupid, I can see it in your eyes
I bet that you didn't think that you was runnin' out of time
I'on even think that I can trust 'em
I'on even think that I can love 'em
So I just be like "f*ck 'em" (Yeah)
I get to the bag, I like to hustle (I get to the bag)
I can spend a cheque and when I get it back it's double
And I know you ain't used to that, I can buy my own Gucci bag
He see that I don't need him, now he too attached
You can keep the n*gga 'cause I'm through with that (You can keep him)
Yeah, I'm through with that (With that)
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