Porsche Love

"Quarantine Baby"

I miss you
The first thing I'm doing when this is done is seeing you
Stay patient for me

Will you be my quarantine baby when I'm losing my mind?
I'll be your quarantine baby as we drift in the night
We can hit the FaceTime, waste time
Grab you by your virtual waistline
Then we can watch the sunrise
Falling asleep, falling asleep
Like ooh ooh ooh ooh
Locked up in our rooms
Like ooh ooh ooh ooh
All I want is you

I don't know if we'll get out of this but I hope we do
Haven't been feeling quite like I did or like we used to
I'd tell you come over but you know it isn't right
I haven't been sober in a month, I've lost the time
I want you in the daylight
I want you at night
Until we can arrange that
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