Girls Love Diamonds lyrics


Kaash Paige

Lyrics from Snippet

Yeah, I'm shinin'
Up in my mouth, check me out, b*tch, I'm grindin'
Don't you know you know girls love diamonds?
Don't you know you know girls love diamonds?
Ayy (Ayy)

All that I want is a winner, I'm pulling up on her, I'm [?]
I'm gonna run up my money, I'm making her hotter, she wet as a jetski
I'm making a wave, don't care what you say
I'm getting that money, I'm getting that moolah, stay getting paid
I'm lookin' like a rich b*tch like everywhere I go
I only talk that big sh*t, that's usually how I talk
Ooh-Ooh, yeah, I guess that smell like something
Ooh-Ooh, get the [?], roll it up, roll it up
I'm in Dallas, Texas where we pouring up
I'm in Houston, Texas chopping, screwing my love
Grip the green then I chuck my dеuces up
Yeah, my love, what do you want from mе?
And my love, like come here...
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