Open Mike Eagle


[Intro: Open Mike Eagle]
Yo, Check 1-2
Check 1-2, yeah

[Verse 1: Open Mike Eagle]
I roll thunder, I android like I'm Small Wonder
Don't like the fit of the labels that I can fall under
I breathe mist, the first draft was rewritten
It's clean, infinite cheat, the sweetest cheese blends his
I'm grief stricken, whispering that he seem distant
When I say I got layers brother, I mean business
Like Xerox or IBM
My fans give me their weird rocks and tiny gems
You can tell whoever in earshot
I'm deep in my gearbox emerging magnificent teardrops
I podded to the near wash and bailed on landing
The verse takes research like railroad planning
I had a big ass G. I. Joe toy
When I was a young boy that had a giant payload cannon
This little plastic like it could break whole planets
God damn it

[Verse 2: Scuare]
Nothing been adding up since I was 'bout twelve
I might spell a few words right, but really my type fails
When I'm too wrapped up in life, it moves by like light rails
It's a story as old as time, yet still surprised when I bail
Still spinnin' lines for myself
That's about twenty years of dreaming all to design the pipe well
Tony Hawk with that Half-Life, my thoughts thinning out at night
Can't stop, when in doubt, act right, I don't really need a last line
Y'all ain't really get to know sh*t, just sh*t and listen to the old sh*t
I don't spit division, never quote sh*t
Such a fickle mission, I don't know sh*t
I spin laughs and I go home, I've been passing by going broke
Y'all stay flaccid not go stroke, life came fast now I don't hope
I can't ask what I don't know, it's payback till I don't owe
I take stabs, that's the whole joke, still I can't imagine where to go go
I know I'm just so so, but going is so slow, oh
I follow real close though, I thought I been close though, no
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