[Verse 1: .223Jerm]
Said you move work boy you ain't pushin sh*t
Talkin out yo ass always talkin out yo lips
Pull up with the gang rollin deep like 6
b*tch I been up in the game like my name Mike Vick
I-I-I been posted I been hungry I been lookin for a jugg
I got plenty f*ckin hoes but I still can't have enough
b*tch I'm always [?] for hands but I'd rather bust a slug
n*gga talkin bout them bullets send them bullets hit his lungs
I been [?] with a .44
Heard them snake ass [?] with the popo's
I just did a drive by we had like 4 poles
b*tch it be RVR3 signs in my photos

[Verse 2: Lil M3D]
b*tch I'm comin crazy it's that boy lil man
[?] problem lil n*gga by my bread
I don't give a f*ck run up I leave dead
Pistol like them bullets yeah I swear they love the spread
I ain't really trippin b*tch I'm aimin for they head
If a red beam I might turn it red
I done came through b*tch I drip so hard
Drip so hard b*tch I might cause a flood
b*tch I ain't trippin came out the mud
[?] lil problem lil n*gga what's up
Word I got some hitters they stay runnin up
I swear to god I keep Glock 40's tucked
Ay ay
I'm swervin and swangin them lanes
b*tch I'm from texas I stay pourin drank
I got the Glock so it's f*ck what you think
You want 2 lil problems send 2 to your brain
Lil boy lil man
b*tch I'm goin crazy b*tch I'm all about my bread
I don't give a f*ck I won't never go fed
Lil n*gga what's up lil n*gga get checked
[Verse 3: KIDx]
I don't feel a thing I'm a sociopath I'm a psycho
[?] the kitty but I promise I don't like hoes
Off a couple addy's it's impossible to write slow
Throw it down shawty get spread like a [?]
Imma [?] that lil hoe esophagus
Claimin that she vegan but she eatin on my sausages
Tough talk when the buckshots [?] blockin it
Dumb thot wanna suck c*ck so she slobbin it
I'm sick like a jerm keep a .223
I'm slick like a [?] tell me who shoot me
Gotta man got the nerve leave a head empty
My veins full of dirt cause I run through streets
Goddamn you deserve 0 sympathy
Imma man imma word you can hit with me
Not a fan of my verse you can lick my meat
Understand Imma j*rk shawty lick this D
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