.223 FREESTYLE lyrics



[Verse 1: J-ICE]
I'm back in this b*tch like a bill you ain't pay
[?] yeah let's get it today
Better off lookin for needles in hay
Got this b*tch yodelin [?]
I ain't from Atlanta but this A with the K
Like I straighten his teeth with the bass to his face
Hop in and skirt in the dirty ride
Still lookin clean hittin 35
30 round clips when I [?]
Gotta reload and let 30 fly
Kool-Aid get cooler got [?] ice
Medusa [?] you snakes with a mice
[?] the blunt in the pipe
Whatever the smoke he gone talk he get sniped
Just bust at the left hittin the right
Look at my neck the ice it got light
Diamonds they dancin they look like they fight
You ain't like Ice [?]
I hit the mic and n*ggas get fright
Ice do it right
[?] i'm fly in the sky like I just hit a flight
Drop 3000 minutes [?]

They hit a drive by like it's 4th of july
I'm up in a buildin they know that i'm fly
They talkin that sh*t send his ass to the sky
Send his ass up high
He couldn't even walk
He couldn't even talk
Big ass choppa they leave him in choke
Talkin that sh*t what the f*ck you be about
I don't even care what it cost I just buy it
Talkin that sh*t b*tch you might need to diet
I'm so f*ckin high like a muhf*ckin pilot
You talkin that sh*t you get shot shoot it try it
And you gone get rocked like you shouldn't be fightin

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[Verse 3: .223Jerm]
See me gone [?]
When a n*gga pull up then he might lose his life
I don't give a f*ck lil n*gga get hit
And [?] with the knife
b*tches see me and i'm gone flex
I got that hoe yeah that pus*y got stretch
I don't give a f*ck like n*gga who's next?
Why he [?] why he dodgin like this n*gga gone [?]
3 chains and you know that they bustin
Beat a n*ggas ass I leave him in concussion
Get smoked like a Cream Russian
When i'm posted on a block they want nothin
That's her lips on my di*k she huggin
When I get up on a block we bustin
Thought you was a hood n*gga why you runnin?
Diamonds on my neck they dancin like they crunkin
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