THE RVR3 S3VN lyrics



(VERSE 1: .223Jerm)
Aye Okay look b*tch gang gang gang
Please do not come to me on some dumb sh*t
All of these n*ggas look like opps on some sus sh*t
Big ass choppa got a punch kick
All of my n*ggas at your block we at the function
b*tch I'm at the function and I'm posted
I just saw your b*tch and she steady just hoeing
b*tch I got the gat and I'm always steady pulling
If a n*gga want it then my n*ggas get to toting
b*tch I've been the sh*t since a youngin since a jit
Ever since I was 13 I hit my first lick
I remember all the robberies my uncles had commit
All the sh*t that these n*ggas talking but they always b*tch

Why they always b*tch on some stupid ass sh*t
I just told that n*gga watch if you stepping on my kicks
You get shot with the glizzy n*gga and take off the wrist
223 We on that rock sh*t you catch us in the pit
All these n*ggas f*cking actors Johnny Depp woah
I keep that 45 on my waist I don't think you wanna step
Cause if you do then that sh*t gonna pop off

(ONE LINE: .223Jerm)
All of my n*ggas coming we got sawed off
(VERSE 3: M.I.K.3)
R.I.P. for 223
Homie hope you rest in f*ckin peace
Cut these bodies up like it's a family tree
f*ck that b*tch she on her knees
Got the choppa got that lease
f*cking kill my enemies
Until we run the s3vn seas
f*ck a bad b*tch yeah she a bimbo
I'ma break her back baby call it limbo
b*tch I'll pop you through your f*ckin window
Like it's call of duty b*tch I go akimbo

Latina b*tch on my di*k okay
b*tch i pull up with a stick okay
She want my pickle rick she doing splits Puerto Rican guess where she is okay
Rip jerm none of these pussies gonna learn
But all these pussies gonna hurt
Whos in the dirt they gonna end up murked
I put them right on her shirt
I got a b*tch and she nice with me
All of these pussies will fight me
b*tch I'm gonna bite you like lime disease
Bring pus*y boy right down to his knees
Put pus*y boy in a package
I'm f*cking a b*tch and I'm bending her her back
Like backwoods they call me a cracker
They call me a faggot but I f*cked a girl and she says I'm packing b*tch
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