Elephant Trunk lyrics


Yung Lambo

[Verse 1: Hood Guy & Yung Lambo]
(??????), (????????)
Ain't nobody have my back
Damn, I miss those days
When we would all (?)
Im outta control (oh)
I gotta (?) myself
I gotta keep myself from doing these things
(?????), fit in
It's the life that we livin'
Im sexy and hunk
I threw a basketball at the floor, and it dunk (WOOO)

[Verse 2: Payden McKnight]
(yah, yah) This is a freestyle rap
(Ay, ay) This is a freestyle rap
How to keep China's wayward wandering elephants safe?
Experts in China are scrambling to get a family of 15 wandering elephants to turn away from a city of 8 million
Published June 29, 2021
A herd of 15 Asian elephants in China is on an unprecedented journey: Over the past year, the pachyderms (I don't know that word) have wandered 300 miles from their home in Xishuangbanna, a nature reserve in China’s southwestern province of Yunnan, north toward some unknown destination. Their travels have captivated the nation. No one knows why the elephants started migrating in the first place or where they’re headed along the longest-recorded elephant migration in China’s history
Now, the family of elephants, six adult females, sh*t why do I have to this
I have to enter my email address to continue
I'm not doing this (ok)
I'm not, refreshing the page (Im refreshing the page)
Now the family of elephants, six adults, sh*t no I'm not doing this
All right guys, this song is over
I totally didn't steal any of this from nationalgeographic.com, I swear
Do not sue me for, plagiarism
You know
Guys I swear, Hood Guy and Lambo are terrible
They're holding me at gunpoint, right now
To do my Elephant Trunk verse
When I should be packing, to go to Disneyland
And, uh f*ck you guys
You guys are terrible people, but I'm sure this album will be great
Shoutout Mr Ice (shoutout Mr Ice)
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