The Boyz


[Intro: Narrator]
A la una de la tarde de ese mismo día
Julio y Tenoch emprendieron el regreso
Fue un viaje sin eventualidades y muy silencioso
Sus familias no se enteraron de que su viaje fue a la playa
Ni de la compańía de Luisa
Ella se quedó en San Bernabé para comenzar al día siguiente su exploración por las Bahías de la zona
Al despedirse de Tenoch y Julio, Luisa les dijo:
La vida es como la espuma por eso hay que darse como el mar

[Chorus: Madi]
Stop playing with me
Not sure how to feel
And I'm too drunk to see
It’s my mind you always steal
What's even real, oh, what's even there
I’m not sure but I want more

[Verse 1: Lily]
I spend too much time on Tiktok yuh
Shake that ass or kick rocks
Rocks like Bedrock
Rocks like red rock
At the Grand Canyon
I would f*ck Megan Thee Stallion
She said wet ass pus*y, well, like a river
And I got your b*tch buyin' me dinner
My stomach is full but I still pull
Pull on the stick while I pull your b*tch
I hate being lonely
So I f*ck on the homies
You can say I want the whole crew
But your mom, she's a hoe too
How do I know you ask?
Well last night I was tappin' that ass
Let's switch up the flow
Pour me some more
SZA Love Galore
Featuring Travis Scott
Might cop his burger
Baby girl I ain't tryna hurt you
Not even a little bit
But I got problems just like Ari and Iggy said
Too Biggie to be here stressin'
Lemme teach you a lesson
I'll kill you with these bars
They gon’ take your ass on a stretcher, nah
But on some real sh*t, I’m just tryna hit
Don't leave me celibate, I’ll hit you on your cell in a bit
I'm just tryna sell the next big hit
You hear that flush? Yeah it's me, I'm the sh*t
I just dropped a deuce, I’m feelin' loose, sippin' this juice
Yeah, juice
Rep the Jews
f*ck Hitler
What I said at my Bat Mitzvah
Baruch atah
f*ck that, baby lemme get you high
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