YNW Sakchaser

"Speaking Fax"

World so f*cked up man
U gotta have a strong heart man
Don’t ever let these f*ck n*ggas think u
Whatever they say or anybody
Don’t matter how important n*ggas seem 2 u
Get in between wut u thinkin
Whatever u believe in n*gga u strive 4 that sh*t
Nobody can tell u different
Nobody, ya mom, nobody
Believe in God
Put yo mind 2 dat sh*t
And watch when da outcome come (on god)

I don’t know why so many people change up
I don’t know why so many people show some fake love
And everything I come around some people always bring jealousy but it don’t mean nothin
But I know I got faith in people

And God put me on Earth just to put me on this earth just to let these people know that you special

Why u workin 9-5 wasting time
U can go out 2 anywhere and f*ckin shine
Why u out here wasting time robbin n*ggas
Man that u sh*t u was ‘pose to do when u was f*ckin little!
Got my n*ggas sittin down in f*ckin prison dawg
See I really don’t like 2 get up in my feelings dawg

That’s why I always be on the f*cking turn sh*t
A n*gga try me swear to god he get burned quick

Yea I’m really ridin with them choppas (ohhh)
They don’t even know why they talk (ohhh)
Not for that social media
Y’all don’t know sh*t (naw)
Most of all them b*tches really don’t know me
Most of all them n*ggas tell u they look up 2 me
Most of all them n*ggas I talk to they with me now
I keep they mind straight, and keep them motivated
I bet they be some stars comin outta Gifford aye
But I’m from East Atlanta zone 6

(Yea) all them other n*ggas they some crash dummies
And all them older n*ggas
They some ass f*ckers
They try to sell some dope but they ain’t makin nothin
n*gga I’m from the a I can show u how it’s done
But ion wanna do it Ion wanna do that
Cause that some 1970 sh*t fool

It’s 2018 you better get some loot
You better try and get a billion before ya ass snooze (n*gga)
Better get a billion or ya ass lose
Know how n*gga make a (???)
I just gotta play it man on both routes
I told Lil melly stay home and we gon both shine

We gon go on a ride with some kickers (for life)
Play with us then we gon slide with them kickers
n*gga know I ain’t lyin in his face
If I say it in yo motherf*ckin face u better face me
If I look u in yo eyes u better not turn on me
n*gga talkin crazy
n*gga the one who started (huh)
But u started it

Oh they tried to turn me into a monster
n*gga I was loyal from the start
Tried to turn my ass into a monster
Y’all done made me turn into a monster
Now everybody pointin fingers like it’s my fault

Cause I was loyal watchin quietly
I was loyal watchin silently
I was on my move and y’all was stoppin me
It was demons in y’all souls and I was starving them

I told you not to do it and u wanna do it
I can’t make u do nothin, them crackas come and get you
(Damn) they took my brother I’d never knew I’d miss him

I don’t care I don’t gotta write a letter
They know that I’m there and that I really love them
When u get out we gettin loot
Lil melly gon do what he gotta do

Everything he did, he had a purpose for it ‘cause I told em don’t do it if u ain’t gotta purpose for it
U a star don’t waste yo star shinin over the world
You be in the cell sayin shot that u could’ve would’ve
And u did it, nobody can tell u who did it
And the 1st time I seen u n*gga I told u imma be with u
And I told u that we’d be winning
All these n*ggas start jumpin on it

None of them n*ggas out there was with me
None of them n*ggas was there
None of them was there with me
None of them n*ggas was here
Think Lil melly out here be trippin, why u think he here?

We gon start a campaign for u f*ck boy
Y’all gon have to hate, and watch me for life

Jalen u know I love u 2 death
Nobody ever touched u when I was there
Nobody ever followed u when I was there so what the f*ck u sayin on yo songs
You been dissin on yo tracks 4 the longest (ENVY)
I been to brother 4 the longest (JEALOUSLY)

You ain’t never put a facial to a n*gga (naw)
You ain’t never put no straight into a n*gga (free styling)
We ain’t never cross u bout no favor n*gga (what the f*ck)
And we ain’t never talked to none of them ratchet b*tches (what)
n*gga Man U kno I put the spat on b*tches (spazz on jhitt)
n*ggas talkin like they at it

You ain’t really ride like u say
So we had to expose u, man no lie, no I love u
No u talented, but u know u looked up 2 the guy
Don’t u flex 4 the internet
Livin a lie
Livin in the sky (oooh oh)
Livin a lie

And u knowww you know
And u know u know
You know ohhh bro

And all of you (y’all) competed from the start
You know and I know I got all the facts
Ain’t no reason (???)
And all that fan ban that u feel
Uzi tell me how u think a n*gga feel
I gotta strong mind but I throw that 2 the side boy
U know I loved all my ex’s
You know I loved her ass to death
But when I left her I threw that hoe to the side

Melly I’m a take over my mind yea
Tell me you was there (yea yea)
It ain’t no disrespect
VeVe world forever
Know just how we rock
n*gga oh yea
Thought it was for life
And you was a twin, boy this sh*t ain’t right
(Oh yea) talking blood but u a dud
The hell u sayin

n*ggas to the codes
You violated every last one of them
With blind hate

How you gon hate on ya bro
n*gga peso
We would’ve got payed together
Things been different dog
Could’ve changed the world
Remember we was planning to run the world

Things could’ve been better
sh*t can’t bend over jealousy
sh*t can't bend over jealousy
sh*t can’t bend over envy

‘Posed ta been out running, get right and made it out
Had them demons in yo head you couldn’t get it right
We told u to calm down and (???) we ain’t wanna slide

n*gga like the whole time
Before I told u everything u came back with us in Atlanta
You was with us, caught a flight, chilled with us in Atlanta
n*gga you know what happened before sh*t even went (???)

You wanted it to happen

You wanted me to die tho huh?
But I’m gon take off with my swag

Atlanta swag mixed with Florida, me and melly came up with that
Long time ago
5 years ago (hold up)
7 years ago
When I first met Lil bro
Ohh (???)
Where where you (ohh)
Yall probably had nothin to do with us
Me and melly went around collecting n*ggas
Said we gon run it up and get a mil
And we gon come up straight up out of Gifford
But I’m from east Atlanta zone 6
Know it n*gga
You know it n*gga
And I ain’t make Lil melly it was born in him
He was just different from the rest of them n*ggas
And Trelly Trell was different from the rest of them
Lil Juvy get a pound he would love to trap
Juvy get that bag boy he love to trap

It’s all there? Ight
You ain’t even gotta adlib at the end
Just send me all that

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