Backend lyrics



(Beat up the back end) (Do! Do!)
Do! Do!
(Beat up the back end)
(Oh, ooh)
(I'm not doin' no show without the backend)
(Ah, ah, ah)
(Ah, ah)

[Verse 1]
She knocked on my door, tryna get in (Ah)
All of my b*tches is ten, like ben (Like ten)
I popped a perc, ain't no juice and gin
You n*ggas is broke, somebody call mans
When I'm around, watch ya' hoe
Ya' hoe know to watch her throat
My n*ggas like Rambo, tote them poles (Grra!)
Pack and I made it, it's already sold
That chain shinin', might just get took (Gimme that!)
He want the smoke, flip him like a book
My grandma all in the living room, jammin'
I was the n*gga that known for scammin'
Yeah, I'm the sh*t and I know it
pus*y like water, my nut can't control it
All of my money real, all like moses
I like my b*tches body Coca-Cola (Ooh)
I can't do no show until the backend in the bag (Backend in the bag)
I just went in Nemands, spent the bag quicker than Flash
You n*ggas broker than a joke, can't do nothin' but laugh
I just took a b*tch straight out the hood, now she got class
[Verse 2]
She say I'm wrapped around her finger
'Cause she suck me like a Ring Pop
Eat me like some dip and dop, still lil' b*tch got chicken pox
No, I ain't gon' milly rock
Shock yo' b*tch, like static-shock
Goin' down like young jocks
Swipin' sh*t like Swiper The Fox
ABC (Uh-huh) (ABC)
123 (Uh-huh) (123)
Pop that bean (Pop that bean)
Spilled that lean (Spilled that lean) (Ooh)
Count that green (Count it, count it)
Get in between (Ooh, ooh)
Those titties- (Uh, uh)
I'm in they b*tch, just like Yachty (Okay) (Yeah!)
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