Garcello WITH LYRICS By RecD - Friday Night Funkin’ THE MUSICAL (Lyrical Cover) (HEADACHE/NERVES ONLY) lyrics



Garcello: Now let me see if I can unseat some of those... misconceptions about smokin you've got cloudin' up that brain o' yours

Garcello: Take a puff o' this, man have fun, life is fleetin...

Boyfriend: Don't know how your lungs can take that kinda beatin'...

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: Who cares how your lungs feel when you're breathin' rainbows in the air don't just stare try it!
Boyfriend: I can see the appeal but I'd rather watch what you emit!

Garcello: Can't do this forever why not take the chance to learn the skill?

Boyfriend: Fraid I ain't that clevеr, I'd just cough up white and feel ill!

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcеllo: It ain't that hard, not one bit! Sing and let the smokes handle the rest and just like magic plumes of color blossom out of your chest!
Boyfriend: Take a breath colors blossom out of your chest!

Garcello: Bet that girl in the center would enjoy your newfound powers!

Boyfriend: Man, with you as my mentor, I could entertain for hours!

Garcello: Plus, it fends off attackers! Lose 'em quick with a big smokescreen!
Boyfriend: Could avoid deadly rappers if I had that, see what you mean!

Garcello: Seems like you're onboard! Take this and start a new chapter in your career!

Boyfriend: But when I record, won't smoke make everything sound weak and unclear?

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: Just listen to my voice! smoked for years, does this sound weak or unclear to you? Get a clue you're fine
Boyfriend: Guess this is the right choice...never thought a smoker would change my point of view

Garcello: Here, I'll hand you the lighter you can keep it, now you'll smoke free

Boyfriend: But...isn't smoking addictive damaging long-term and costly?

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: While most might end up tragic smoke all you want, these don't leave new one grow back! That's a fact all true!
Boyfriend: Hold on, those things are magic? That brings back a whole lotta questions in view!

Boyfriend: Where'd they come from? Why don't you try to sell em?

Garcello: All the local merchants don't wanna smell 'em!

Boyfriend: Won't you miss em? Doubt you're gonna find more!

Garcello: Gifting these is all I've ever asked for!
Boyfriend: Just don't get it! Why give up that cool trick?

Garcello: Got a headache, smoke so much I get sick!

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: But you'd use em wisely, better than I could take 'em from me for good!
Boyfriend: Doubt I'd use 'em any better than you could take 'em back, they're no good!

Garcello: Look, I know smoking looks cool but just... hear me out on this one, OK?

Garcello: (Cough)
Little man, don’t think you know just
What you’re in for if you take up my old vice!

Boyfriend: Gosh, that cough’s sure hard to ignore
Must have smoked those for decades and paid the price!

Garcello: Not at all, I’m barely twenty-six now!
These things made my youthful health descend!

Boyfriend: Why haven’t you quit yet? Clearly somehow
Those weird smokes are gonna be your end!
Garcello: Tried everything, just can’t stop!

Boyfriend: You’d better, before you drop!

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: How should I explain
Let me start from the top…
Boyfriend: Just start from the top!

Garcello: (Cough)

Garcello: (Cough)
Boyfriend: Deep breaths!

Garcello: (Cough)
Boyfriend: Keep chill!

Garcello: (Cough)
Boyfriend: Hang on!
Now spill!

Garcello: It was just a couple years ago, I was passin’ through a
Daddy Dearest concert and ran into my fate…

Boyfriend: Just bein’ around that guy’s bad for your health
I’ve had lots of close shaves myself, don’t feel too great…

Garcello: Wasn’t even him, just an old, gray dancer…
Pretty-colored smoke puffs entranced me, and drew me to his pad…

Boyfriend: So the smoke’s enchanting after the cig’s lit!
That’s why we popped in once we saw it, thought I was goin’ mad

Garcello: He taught me how to blow

Boyfriend: Learned everything you know
From his show…

Garcello: Wasn’t just a smoker, man
That demon’s voice was really smooth
Timed his puffs between his notes
The world glowed when he grooved…

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: How could I
Boyfriend: Bet it was a neat performance
But he was a demon, why
Would you ever hesitate to
Both: Say no to that guy?

Garcello: Back then, I was nothing, a dumb, depressive teen
Singin’ like that guy would boost up my self-esteem…
Once I got it down pat, he held his right hand out, told me
“Take these, kid, and you’ll stand out, and look as cool as me”

Boyfriend: And you almost passed on the cycle, didn’t you?
Never woulda wanted to try ‘em if I knew!

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Boyfriend: Still, it’s gotta hurt when your mentor leads you wrong…
Giving you a boost with a nice song…
Then crushing all your glee
Garcello: Once I smoked them…

Garcello: He smiled a devilish smile
Cackling as his gray hair turned to black…

Boyfriend: He toyed with you for awhile
Cured himself when he passed on the pack!

Garcello: (Cough)

Garcello: Now what business did I have to finish, anyway?
I guess bills and work don't matter anymore...
Oh, that's right! Annie!

Boyfriend: Annie?

Garcello: When you’re puffin’ out smoke like a train
Not too many folks wanna hang around…

Boyfriend: So those cigarettes caused extra pain
Isolating you from the folks in town…

Garcello: Prob’ly didn’t help me in the least
Trying to make ‘em all smoke my pack

Boyfriend: No time for regrets, man, you’re deceased!
Who’s “Annie”? Do you two go far back?

Garcello: Met her in the same way I met you
Puffin’ clouds of smoke out real sadly…

Boyfriend: She got drawn in by pretty smoke, too?
Guess she wanted ‘em really badly!

Garcello: That’s the funny part, didn’t want ‘em!
Said her liquid was all she cared for!

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Boyfriend: Even tryin’ your best to flaunt ‘em
Garcello: That’s true…
Boyfriend: Her addiction helped even the score!
Garcello: And more!

Garcello: Usually folks snap out of it and run
She sat and talked I told her the whole dang spiel…

Boyfriend: Guess it’s pretty rare for anyone
To meet a fellow addict with the same deal

Garcello: Once she heard my story, started thinkin’
Chugged her liquid, hulked up and brought me home

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Boyfriend: She becomes a monster when she’s drinkin?
Garcello: Yup…
Boyfriend: Shoulda bolted
But hey, who would’ve known?
Garcello: Hey, who would’ve known?

Garcello: Put me down on the floor
Took some flasks out and started to mix them into a cup…
Told me she’d fix my curse

Boyfriend: That’s wild! What did you say?
Sure ain’t every day you meet somebody trying to play nurse…

Garcello: Took a swig of it, things couldn’t get worse…

Boyfriend: So she thought her drugs would counteract yours?
Lookin’ at ya now, guess it kinda failed…

Garcello: You could say that, but she tried a bunch more
Made me visit her until she prevailed…

Boyfriend: She prevailed in one thing, got you off the streets and
Stopped you pushing’ drugs onto folks like me…

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: Even if her work was incomplete
I still enjoyed havin’ her as company…
Boyfriend: She… was good company…

Garcello: Last week, left for new components
Swore this would finally break me of my
Need to smoke from this pack…

Boyfriend: I see now… as your last opponent
Promise I’ll tell her about all the stuff that happened here once she’s back…

Garcello: Tight bars, little man…

Even though its ended rough
Glad I got to meet you!
Boyfriend: Don’t go, haven’t had enough
I still gotta defeat you…

Garcello: Don’t worry, you won this one
And finished up my business…

Boyfriend: C’mon man, we’ve just begun
She could come back and fix this!

Garcello: Don’t want her to worry now
She’s been working so hard
Now that I’m past curing
This could be her big release…

Boyfriend: Guess there’s nothin’ we can do
To save you from the graveyard
Hope it’s reassuring
She helped you pass on in peace…

Garcello: Now let’s fill the stars with some vocals from those tight bars!

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: Don’t know what your story holds
Pages runnin’ out on mine, soon you’ll be spinnin’ out gold
If you don’t back down!
Boyfriend: Don’t know what my story holds
Pages runnin’ out on yours, soon I’ll be spinnin’ out gold
If you don’t back down!

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: So after we’ve parted ways
Promise me that you’ll keep your head up on rainy days
Boyfriend: Gonna try my best once we part ways
Live through every test, fight through sad days…

Boyfriend: Come what may…

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: Keep on singin’ and you’ll be world-renowned!
Boyfriend: Keep on singin’ and I’ll be world-renowned!

Boyfriend: ...Okay. I'm ready

Garcello: Cool. I think I am too

Garcello: Time’s movin’ slowly
My vision is fading…
But until I go, we
Can keep serenading, friend…

Boyfriend: I’m gonna miss ya
Even though we just met…
This night has been blissful…

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: Your smile’s one I won’t ever forget…
Boyfriend: Your smile’s one I won’t ever forget…

Both Boyfriend & Garcello:
Garcello: I know you’re sad but please don’t fret…
Boyfriend: A little sad but I won’t fret…
Garcello: Once I’m faded and gone, take the final step…
Boyfriend: Do my best to move on, take the final step…
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