Pizza Time Never Ends WITH LYRICS lyrics



This boss-a room sure has a long-a hallway...
All the other ones were right behind-a the gate...
Oh great, another locked-a door...
I wonder how much Mr. Stick's-a gonna charge to open this one...
Huh? There's something-a written here...
" Don't-a come in? "
" He's inside? "
Maybe I should just turn-a back

Get yourself together, Peppino!
It's just a STUPID-A DOOR!

Who'd-a Pizza Face send to fight me this time-a?
Bring it on!!!

A trick-a mirror?
Man, Pizza Face is running out of ideas-a
Well, it's not like I can fight-a mysеlf...
So I'll just look for where he put that stupid-a kеy...

Come on, where is-a this thing?

>Peppino?: Come off, where isn't this-a thing?

>Peppino: Huh?
Is someone-a there?

>Peppino?: Wah?
Is no one gone?




>Peppino?: I am Peppinos Paghetti!
Pizzas extraordinaire and disowner of Peppino's Pizza 2!

>Peppino: But I'm-a Peppino Spaghetti...
>Peppino?: You are?!
I've been trying to cook down a Peppino's-a Pizza for the past 90 yesterdays!
But when I substitute in Peppinos for Peppino...
They always smell rubbery and diseased!
Even the chef who loved to hiding in the garbage can ran for the valleys
When I dissuaded him to fix it...
I thought my pizza-squeezing days were under...
Until noooow~

>Peppino: ...Y-you want me to teach you to cook-a da pizza?

>Peppino?: Don't be so serious, Mister Delirious!
I‎‎ ‎ W A N T‎ ‎ Y O U‎ ‎ O N‎ ‎ I T .

>Peppino: Now, now now hold on-a...
>Peppino [Sung]:
Pizza Time?
You'll be fine
Let me show
How a pro
Bakes a pie
Don't know why
You exist
I'll assist?
>Peppino? [Sung]:
Pizza time...
Chop you fine
Please don't breath
You won't leave
Nothing left
But your death...
You're my final toppin' to collect!


>Peppino [Spoken]:
Whoa, Buddy, Calm-a Down!

>Peppino? [Spoken]:
Dough, You Missed!
Go *TOWARDS* the choking hand, little toppin!

>Peppino [Spoken]:
I'm a Grown-a man!

>Peppino? [Spoken]:
They grew me too!

>Peppino [Sung]:
Trapped in-a here with a clone
Who wants-a to strip my bones
Dodging-a the blows he's dealt
Hang on, did you just *MELT?!*

>Peppino? [Sung]:
Pizza time!
I'll be slime!
Til' that final toppin' is-a mine!

You can bleed
When you feed
All the customers trying to leave

>Peppino [Sung]:
Warping the things I do
Can't tell who's copying who...

>Peppino? [Sung]
I can see it now-a
Cookin' pizza in the tower
Add a pinchling of Peppino
Dirty money from casino

Heat the oven for a minute
Slap the pizza toppins in it
Hear him scream-a and a yell-a
Like a silly little fella!

>Peppino [Sung]:
How could that torture be
A pizza recipe?

>Peppino? [Sung]:
That's no pizza, are you crazy?
It still needs ice, entire pig
And mortal chicken maybe!

There's so much more to add,
But maroon, you look so sad!

I'll cover you in hands of me
Until you're dying sleepily!

No more moving
No attacking
Or your flavors
And your textures will be lacking

Calm up!
You can rest unsure
That when you're gone
My pies will not compare to yours

>Peppino [Sung]:
Drowning in fakey freak
Feeling-a tired and weak
Does this horrendous clown
Really have my act down?

Copying me just makes
Folks suffer my mistakes
Wait... YES-A! That's the key!
No one hurts me...



>Peppino? [Spoken]:

>Duet [Sung]
P: Hey, you stupid fraud!
P?: You're much tougher than you look
P?: A number one-star pizza cook!
P: Your attack is flawed!
P?: But I'm determined to collect
P?: Your disrespect!
P?: I'll just have to be
P: All these openings are great!
P: I don't-a even have to wait!
P?: Even more of me!
P: That asino took-a the bait!

>Peppino? [Multiple] [Sung}:
Pizza time!
We'll be fine
Once we crush that
Stubborn toppin's spine...

On this eve
We'll achieve
Perfect pizzas that you will believe!

>Peppino [Sung]:
Is that all?

>Peppino's? [Sung]:
We can fall!
Come off, Peppinoses, give your all!

Man your posts
Or we're toast!
Don't let him do damage to the host!

>Duet [Sung]
P?: Fresh growing, consuming
P: There's so much
P: I can't touch
P?: Peppinoses blooming
P: Gotta hope an answer comes in clutch...
P?: Drop from the ceiling like
P: I could punch
P: On a hunch
P?: Cavernous hurting spikes
P: If I wasn't on such a time crunch...
P?: I'll tenderize this meat
P: But these fakes
P: Don't-a break
P?: With a crushing defeat
P: Charging one would be a big mistake!
P?: Thanks to Peppinos, he'll
P: Stay alert!
P: Check the shirts!
P?: Never know which fake's real!
P: That'll tell me which one I should hurt!

>Peppino? [Spoken]:

>Peppino? [Sung]:
No more playing now!
Got to get my head out of the game!
Smile from the pain!

>Duet [Sung]
P?: Only one Peppinos can remain!
P: What the hell?!
P?: Sharing 20 brains!
P: Care to tell
P: Why your head slipped off your neck and fell?
P?: You will grow my pizzas big and strong!
P: What were you
P?: Then I won't belong!
P: Made to do?
P: Think you got a couple loose-a screws...
P?: To the bin of prototypes gone wrong!

>Peppino? [Sung]:
I maybe be synthesized
As a pizza boy brand pie...
But with good toppin' blends
Pizza time will never end...

Hours of training
Thoughts rebraining
Still remaining

>Duet [Sung]:
P?: The pizza maker nobody expects
P: Hey...
P? I'm learning
P: I'd show more sympathy
P?: Organs churning
P?: At the yearning
P: If you weren't still killing me...
P?: To at long last not be incorrect...

>Peppino? [Sung]:
Pizza time!
I'll be fine
When your flavored pieces are-a miiiine!

Once retrieved
I can leave
My excitement's drippling down my sleeeves!

Seconds left
Til your death
Shows the world I'm more than a rejeeeeect!

With your face
I'll replace
You in the human 3-legged race!

Strike again!
Taunt, distend!
Pizza time will never ever end!

Fellow men!
Mass descend!
Pizza time will never ever end!

>Peppino [Sung]:
Not again...

>Peppino? [Sung]:
Yes, again!
Pizza time will never ever end!

What you bend
I can mend
Pizza time will never ever end!

>Duet [Sung]:
P?: Never end!
P?: Never end!
P?: Pizza time will never ever end!
P: Givin' it my all!
P?: Never end!
P?: Never end!
P?: Pizza time will never ever end!
P: But I'm fighting a wall...

>Peppino [Spoken]:
It never ends...

P?: Never end!
P?: Pizza time will never ever end!
P: Can I win this brawl?

P?: Never end!
P?: Never end!
P?: Pizza time will never ever end!
P: I'm-a feelin' mauled...

>Peppino? [Sung]:
D Y I N G‎ ‎ ‎ T I M E .
Y O U ' L L‎ ‎ ‎ B E‎ ‎ ‎ F I N E .
L E T‎ ‎ ‎ M Y‎ ‎ ‎ S K I N
S U C K‎ ‎ ‎ Y O U‎ ‎ ‎ I N .

Y O U‎ ‎ ‎ C A N‎‎ ‎ ‎ B E
P A R T‎ ‎ ‎ O F‎ ‎ ‎ M E .
A N D‎ ‎ ‎ B E C O M E‎ ‎ ‎ T H E‎ ‎ ‎ P E R F E C T‎ ‎ ‎ R E C I P E . . .


>Peppino [Spoken]:



>Peppino [Spoken]:
Made it-a...

>Peppino? [Spoken]:
You're a very difficult toppin' to collect, aren't-a you?
But don't relieve yourself yet...

>Peppino [Spoken]:

>Peppino? Spoken]:
You're so close to joining the losing team!

>Peppino [Spoken]:

>Peppino? [Sung]:
There's no need for running
Just Peppinos coming
To collect his prize
Accept your fun demise

Alone I'm simply dough
And strange oregano
But with you in my flesh
My pizzas will be fresh

My mouth is open wide
So you can fall inside
Sure, you might cease to be
But you can die for free!

I've heard your nerve ends pop
From what threatens your shop
But all debts are forgiven
When your husk stops living

Fight your failing trend
And life is sure to send
A curse upon you when
Pizza time never ends

When there's no cash to spend
Pizza time never ends
When work takes you from friends
Pizza time never ends

When sleep's just a pretense
Pizza time never ends
Until your lifetime ends
Pizza time never ends

>Peppino? [Sung]:
Pizza time never ends
Pizza time never ends
Pizza time never ends
Pizza time never ends

>Peppino [Spoken]:

>FINALE [Peppino]:

>Peppino [Spoken]:
Now where is-a that key?

>Peppino? [Spoken]:
Sadness and heartbreak...
I win defeatment yet again...
So much for freedoms...
Maybe I can still suck up a sample!

(Why can he do that. Why WOULD he do that. )

Tastes like sweatings and age...
That's it!
All I need to do to make the perfect pizza is synthesize a middling life crisis!
C'mon, Peppinos!
Let's try to bake the wonderbread one more time
And open up that family restaurant might/could!
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