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How to choose a Good Projector?
The projector provides a big and immersive screen just like a cinema screen. Therefore, more and more users choose a projector instead of a TV.
So, how to choose a good projector?
 You can consider the following three aspects when choosing a projector. 
Lamp vs LED vs laser projector
A lamp projector is generally cheap than LED and Laser.
Compared with the two other light sources, the lamp projector is much brighter. However, it requirеs frequent lamp replacеment. LED is cheaper than laser but it is weak in brightness. The laser projector is bright but it is expensive.
For lamp lifespan, LED and laser projector is better.
Screen size and throw ratio
To buy a proper projector, you need to consider the throw distance and the screen size. You need to use the online projector calculator to determine the screen size and projection distance for your potential projector.
If you want a big screen in a small room, you need to buy a projector with a short throw. However, short-throw projectors are more expensive than common projectors. So, the compromise is to find a projector with a proper throw ratio for your home with the projector calculator of projector1.
Resolution and Color
Resolution and color are also vital parameters for a projector. Projectors with high resolution and more color gamut provide colorful and sharp images with more details. You can compare the difference among projectors, for example, REC 709 vs REC 2020.
That’s all for the tips for choosing a good projector.
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