XO Alone


[Verse 1: Lowly]

See the matrix
Put the pieces together like its mosaic
Candle burn around the inner circle, like its sacred
Archaic, yeah you basic
Egocentric, fractals on me geometric
I still feel pathetic
f*ck your fake apathetic aesthetics
Skeptic to their relics, see the fine details in it, like forensics
But I need the chem fix
I hate it, I’m too empathetic
Manifest through kinetics, energy weakens, tried to reason with the demons
Tears on my face like sequins, tide rolls in, change me, like the moon and the seasons, from within

[Verse 2: Vamp]

Your life like a movie but my life like dream
Imma go M.I.A. baby don’t want to be seen
Feelin like I’m jack smoking on a USB
Too turnt red lights in my room dancing like happy feet

Anything you could do I could do better
Doesn’t matter
Switchin’ my flows like they were a weather
Asking when I’m gonna stop that’s a never
Lil boy you got clout but you not really clever
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