Lil Float


Pullin' up, to Iran
Chopper in my f*cking hand
Bomb their ass just like Japan
Tilted Towers where we land
Fortnite dance on Iranian bodies
They do not have any thotties
All the girls dress like Palpatine
R6 players are on my team
Iran is kinda gay but I think I wanna move there
They throw gay people off the roof there
Age of consent is like 14 there
Holy sh*t, now I really wanna go there
Aye, They speak enchantment table
Make a little kid give me anal
It's okay because here it's legal
Make a sandman choke on the Deagle
Number one pick in the draft hoe
Iranian b*tches on my shaft hoe
Kill a brown boy on the craft hoe
I see block titties gotta smash hoe
Bullet to your head looking like you got 3 eyes
First stay there, I think I killed at least 3 guys
Stupid sand n*gga go f*ck on the camel
di*k in your throat, man, that's too much to handle
2.6 K/D on COD, Iran suck my c*ck on god
25 kill streak, wheres my nuke?
These brown f*cking people make me wanna puke
This is a freestyle, I'm not lying
Pull out my p*nis, the nut I'm supplying
Iranian girls are what I'm buying
Allah is fake, I hope you're all crying
If I get drafted I'm transgender
If I have to I'll put my di*k in a blender
Me and the boys doing all these war crimes
Yuh, Firebomb a hospital we like to hear their cries

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