Yung Schmoobin



[Verse 1]
She wanna hop on it like a Boeing flight at five
Yeah I hit it from the back and then I gotta take a five
Aw yeah, kinda quiet, gotta open Spotify, yeah
Turn on the Sublime, yeah I call it Doin' Time
(Summer time, and the living's easy)
Been a bad girl, like bbno$, I'm a nice guy
Pull up with the boys in the evening, call it Five Guys
When she pull 'em down, guarantee she got the eyes wide
Swear to God, every time it's a surprise
She got an ocean, yeah she make the boat capsize
So deep, yeah I finna might be baptized
Bring it back, now throw it back, turn around clockwise
When I hit it, yeah I call that sh*t aerobic exersize
Now that I hit it, I gotta go say "goodbye"
Well now she mad at me, no I won't apologize
Well I don't care, in fact it gives me the chance to flex
All the checks
(you don't have any!)
Wait, um

Now I gotta go try to convince her
Run it up cause I'm a winner

[Verse 2]
Um, I'm the best in Flex
I'll break your upper neck if you dare disresepct
The fact that I'm up next
Yeah, you out here sending text's 'bout how I suck, outta luck
How I never made a buck
Keep it up and I'll make your ass duck
My flow a North Korean missile comin' straight for your truck
Pa-pow! Now who's outta luck
Yeah the bars I'm sending to your house are oversized
Everybody reacting to this demonetized

Cause I rapped about sex

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