Marco Luka


Catch me iced out
I been with your b*tch
Diamonds shining like a lighthouse
I been getting rich
Counting bands, you get wiped out
She been in my bed
f*ck with me, and cut the lights out
She been in my bed

She put down the tek
Got the rum now we back
Chilling with my Spanish shorty
Looking like a snack
Copped a Rolls Royce switching lanes
Matter of fact
I can’t move mysterious, you know I’m bout my racks

Tú me sientes?
No me sientes
Que difícil es sacarte de mi mente
No te comparas con el resto de tu gente
Mira mamá, me das corriente

Y no me digas que tú no me amaste
Y no me digas que nunca llamaste
Arrepentido, te di mis diamantes
Quiero volver a los días de antes

I think I've had enough
I'm tired of your love
I think I've had enough

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