Denzel Curry


Blood in, blood out

I'm seein' illusions lookin' at time, it's barely movin'
Let me unwind, all the confusion's stuck in my mind
Lettin' me break up or watch it divide
As I see another part of me that's hard as me, uh
See the other side is callin' me the God in me
Split personalities, split my reality
Life is a b*tch that I f*ck, bestiality
Might be your fault if you fall from fatality
Pull out Excalibur, call up the cavalry
I can change the way that people think by using alchemy
Homie, I'm a God, you're gon' tell me that it's blasphemy?
I'm just telling people that I'm more than a human being
Every day a n*gga spit fresh, call it Listerine
I don't give a damn about your jewelry
What are you, a just another fool to me?
Denny never dealin' with the coonery
Feelin' like the end is coming soon to me
Everybody dies, everybody lives
In the nightmares, I stare at the motherf*cking light
Everybody dies, everybody lives
In a nightmare, I stare for the new inside
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