Track07 (Georgia Anne Muldrow Version) lyrics


Denzel Curry

[Intro: Denzel Curry & Arlo Parks]
Mic check, one-two, one-two
I don't write rhymes, n*gga, I write checks
Now lemme turn this to the judge and thrown the book out
Then skew it on the barbie like a motherf*ckin' cookout

[Bridge: Denzel Curry]
Chef mad flavors
b*tches suck the energy, it's like a lifesaver
Shave it...

[Verse: Arlo Parks & Denzel Curry]
My third eye's open, I feel absolutely free
Violence in touch with my own inner energy
I'ma get loose like a barbed-wire fence
It's the significant, never frivolous, mister
It's the...
Don't compute then I gots to reroute ya
I feel unblocked, vulnerable but brave
My soul displaced from a desperate space
I brace my arms for the blow, I know
The truth comes [?] next from broken faces, potentials erased Lacerated, evaded
But now we've embraced it, we've finally made it

[Outro: Denzel Curry]
Swear to God
Naw, I'm like they ghetto
My dog, my dog talking 'bout, uh
You ain't get another nut
You talking all this mad sh*t, soon as you see, you freeze up
Like, sh*t
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