Bon Jovi

"Living With The Ghost - Live from the London Palladium"

[Verse 1]
Marry me to the blue sky
Bury me in that long last drop of hard rain
Meet me where they stop time
That's you to me on the shovel that's digging this grave
'Til I can waltz on a moonbeam
'Til I can find a way to turn all tears into wine
I'll hitch my ride to a day dream
Can't unkiss the lips that love is leaving behind

I ain't living with the ghost
No future living in the past
I've seen what hate has done to hope
Tomorrow wasn't built to last
I ain't living with the ghost
How can I scream?
I'm scared to breathe
I wrote each word, you gave the toast
But we were fire and gasoline
I ain't living with the ghost

[Verse 2]
I set my sail over wheat fields
Rode waves of amber, let a new sun shine on my face
I dropped the sword, put down my shield
I left your scars for the stars guiding my way
I traded hurting for healing
I must admit that I was reeling
Now I'm feeling just fine
Traded nightmares for dreaming
Go tell your shadows that I got out alive
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