"Fire In The Booth Pt1"

Yeah yeah
This one's like an open diary
Getting my feelings for this one
Fire in the booth
Yah listen

[Round 1]
I noticed that you didn't notice
I was focussed when you didn't focus
I ain't married but I'm still a Joseph
Had to part ways with my b*tch cuz she cheated
So I pulled the Moses
Seperated sanity from psychosis
Diagnosis, heartbroken story of a dying poet
Transgressions from my past agressions
I learned a lesson and imma add a lesson :
Not to trust a b*tch or my dog if there was a difference (yeah uh)

Anger inside, where it always resides
Charlie Sloth let me cry on this mic
Dying to live or living to die
Two questions that I ask myself before I fall asleep at night
I'm an artist so my pain is a prosperity for others
So I'm forced to turn this darkness into people's like
But the weight is getting heavy and at this rate (uh)
It has me contemplating suicide

So it's a
Different day, same book, different page, different people I don't even know they names
In a different city, on a different stage, rapping words that I used to write when I was underpaid
Yeah I'm getting old but I'm stuck in my old ways
Running from the cops
Going back to my old days
Try to cut me off, back on my road rage
These people ain't loyal

So who am I trying to impress?
How can I love somebody else if I don't love myself
How can I sign if I'm trying to save lifes and all the label wants to do is take my sh*t and put it on that shelf
Why don't depression have an off switch?
Why can't I find a b*tch to ball with?
Why everybody wanna talk sh*t?
Smiled in my face, stabbed me in the back
Do whatever it takes to put me in the coffin, and often
I think about the consequences, are they real or are they comprehensive?
Will I ever make it into heaven?
Will my music turn into a weapon?
Will I ever get an answer to a f*cking question?
Will I ever finish first to have to settle second?
Will I ever be blessed or will I be the blessing?
Do I have to sell my soul just to have a presence?
If I die right now will I be remembered?

So I take a sip, pop a perc
Why? because they help me work
Having conversations with the devil never ease the hurt
Having trouble calculating, finding what I'm really worth
Post a pic, 50K likes if I don't got a shirt
b*tches in the DM, I don't see 'em unless they finna twerk
Bring 'em to the crib, di*k 'em down, pus*y in the hearse
All this f*cking fame but it really feels like a curse
I don't even know

So let me finish my diary off strong
Couple minutes I hope it ain't too long
Only way I know to deal with the pain is to take it in disperse and into songs
Man I really f*cking hope that I can write my raws
Man I hope fire in the booth puts me on
Man I feel so weak but this sh*t makes me strong
It's Dax


[Intro Round 2]
This is for everybody out there who has a dream man
It's dax

[Round 2]
I gave up hooping for these rapping ways
I told my momma we’d see better days
I’m going hard like when I masturbate
I Guess I never passed the age
I remember days I didn’t pray and now I’m on my knees that sh*t was just a phase
I Garnered fame but I eint Never changed They say I’m humble but they didn’t know I’m staring death right in the face
Forcing me to calculate think bout every move I make
They could never take me I’m a guardian of heavens gate
Now I’m here captivate
Moving at a rapid pace
Nothing into something now it’s Dax the one they can’t erase
Seperating fame from actuality I navigate while moving through a see pessimistic people that are fake
Imitate, innovate, educate, infiltrate
Separate, segregate, all just to accelerate
A path that I was destined on to walk and I refuse to wait for someone else to crown so I named myself the heavyweight
If I get knocked off I will be back again
Those who didn’t believe I closed my eyes and turned my back on them
Speaking mediocrity don’t understand like Manderin, so if it ain't success man I ain't picking up or answering
I'm the one who put myself here
I’m the one who told the devil f*ck off it’s only god I fear
I’m one who put the stars into alignment, had a Dream and then collided it with work and then I named it perfect timing
I’m the one that Fell down, bounced back, relapsed, got lapped, reclassed but never fell off track Fighting demons in the evening overnight while I was sleeping $7.25 an hour was the wage no cap
I am definition I don’t lack skill I lack recognition I don’t have dreams I have premonitions every single word I spit is ammunition gassing on the competition never break a sweat this sh*t is practice like an exhibition
f*ck permission I ain't never asking I don't need forgiveness that is weakness, only time I bow is when I'm meeting Jesus
That is genius

So what you gonna say
What you gonna do
How are you gonna let a janitor n*gga outperform you
I came from the bottom and I swear I'm here to warn you
Not everything I do is destiny cuz I was born to
Seek and disarm you
Eat in regards to every single rapper verse meet the straight partial on the f*cking mission that's comparable to Marshall
It's Dax

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