I want some cheeseburgers just to eat lyrics



[Lyrics of "I want some cheeseburgers just to eat"]

I want some cheeseburgers just to eat
I'm talking ketchup, my n*gga mustard on the beat
You gotta put alotta lettuce please
Because I like to have alotta green
I remember eating outside with my whole team
Now a n*gga gotta stay home ’cause of quarantine
I want 2 McChickens and fries 'cause I'm hungry
You look broke! Like my fries you looking salty
Get me McFlurries, make the Oreos Drip Drip
Straight up out McDonald’s with no Tip Tip
And I want a pint of lean I'ma Sip Sip
You gotta buy them baked cookies – that chocolaty chip
And I want 50 apple pies, I didn't forget that
If you f*ck up then I'll punch you, I didn't forget that
And if the machine is broken then you gonna get slapped
You not my homie now if you do not come back
YOU GOTTA HURRY NOW! I know you heard that
Young n*gga stomach grumbling cause I wanna Big Mac
Why you still looking at me with that ugly ass hat
You gotta go now, so you better run fast
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