Chance the Rapper

"Cuba (Instagram Song 4)"

[Verse 1]:
Bartending is heart wrenching ain’t it?
The art in it is hard, can you paint it?
I mean I got a small idea of what it be like
To be out in the streets longer than the street lights
To overhear what people say when over the limit
I bet they overstep their boundaries like you opened a clinic
Leave it all on the table like they over for dinner
And you just listen you probably give em tips, should be the other way around
I seem to know my way around
Though I’m in from out of town
I don’t need to use a Uber
In Cuba we boat ‘round
Both sound funny using somebody else’s language
Maybe that’s why this such a comfortable conversation
Maybe that’s why I feel like me and you isn’t strangers
sh*t, maybe you dangerous
I mean you nameless but seem familiar
Beats up in the pills and smoking down to the filter
I hope it’s on the house like a sold sign from a realtor
Real talk I know that you’ve been here for sometime
Don’t want to end up stuck around some spirits and wine
I know patience always crying every time that they dying
I’ll be out your hair soon, get it? I’m just playing
Cheers, everybody knows your name
I ain’t here to talk your ear off i just need a little game
It’s just me against the world I know somethings will
Never change

Old man, I just need to know how it works
Old man, I just need to know why it hurts
Old man, I used to rock a nose ring
Old man, I just need to know the whole thing
Old man, I just need to keep your head up
Old man, I know that this thing sped up
Old man, you can tell I had a bad night
I just need a little advice

[Verse 2]:
Ambitions of a hider
I got invisibility cloak on my rider
Tua got... more legs than a spider

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