Chance the Rapper

"Instagram Song 6"

You got the right idea, girl
You got the right plan
You got the right kid, girl
You got the right man
I want an IKEA
Wanna get those nightstands
Turn to one night stands
To a f*cking life plan

Thank God for you
And if you forget
I'll thank God for you
For you

[Verse 1]
Tell me whats the thread count
I want so many kids
They need a buddy system
And a head count
It'd be some dead clowns
I'm from the wishing n*gga was
I want the kind of smoke that make the swisher switch to wood
Papa don't preach
I acquire n*ggas that got carpets
Plastered in bleach
I'm a mobster but I still pronounce
The salad Caprese
I take most of the water out the ramen
So it's kinda like a pasta Capisce?
I'm a dolphin that breached
You a dolphin that's beached
You a coffin that breathes
You be coughing and bleed
You a foster kid
I offer help to orphans in need
I would never send you off
You better off
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