Varg (SE)

"Archive 2 “Dm Excerpts Between @skaeliptom & @chloewise_”"

I would of course travel the world for you
But not today, baby
I can't wait to introduce you to my sibling
It won't hurt

I would of course travel the world for you
But not today, baby
I can't wait to introduce you to my sibling
It won't hurt

But you may need to shower a second time
I want you to tie my shoes, brush my hair, and remind me I'm a genius
Feed me liquorice, and rosé, and tell me Drake would love me
Drake would love me, but not like you do
I'm tattooing your Instagram handle on my ankle
Champagne stallion
Casual commitment
You have wonderful eyes, lips of velvet, heart of melting cold, and the scent of perfect crush
Pre-c*m and flowers
Perfume of Serbia
Every year we give each other hand-sewn cowboy hats made of exotic leather and tears
We drink vine white wine sangria, and finger-blast each other in the moonlight
You have VIP tickets to the front-row of my heart
You may get wet
You only drown once
I'm wearing a raincoat to bed tonight so it's easy to wipe me off
I'm just living my computer
My heart is The Mall of Scandinavia
I'm gonna marry you the second your plane lands
Throw a ring on it
Smash it
Kill it
Eat it
Digest it
Eat it again
Like a cow
For eternity
Sit on my lap while I slide you deep dish pizza
When we DM, I feel like I'm in a bubble-bath of emotion
My sad heart and your stiff nipples at the Biennale
Next to the Acne store
Where I watched you change clothes
Wet forever
Dream date
Your pants are gorgeous
You are gorgeous

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