Money all up on me looking like a walking bank
f*ck a car we gone pull up in a tank
I was down they hated now I'm up and they all changed
But I never changed, I just copped a chain2
2 cups, and I'm sipping on codeine
Rollin round my town my life feel like it's a dream
Hitting scams I'm just living in my dream

[Verse 1]
100 thotties
I'm living my dream
Pineapple fanta
It be full of lean
Glock 30
Put you in a dream
I be cooling getting high with the team
True Religion that's what be my jeans
What you need? I'm serving the beans
Hitting scams I'm getting to the cream
Flying high I think I be in a dream
My ex b*tch told me "Tyler you so mean"
I ain't worried 'bout her cause I'm chasing all the green
She want me back, a bag what she see
I ain't been sober I been high all week

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