"Perfect Timing"

[Intro: 279tyler]
Woah, woah, woah, yeah, woah, woah
2 sided goin' crazy

[Chorus: 279tyler]
Yeah, percocet got me high, higher than a kite
Bro said come to L.A so, I'm a catch a flight
They wanna be me, yeah, that's why they be bitin'
When I walk up into Neimans, if I see it, I'm a buy it
Keep my heater on me, no matter what is the climate
My guap it stay increasin', but they money stay declinin'
I know they scared of me, yeah, that's why they be hidin'
I'm not Nemo, you know where you could f*ckin' find me
Can't f*ck with that b*tch, she basic and she not ridin'
This not a playground, but you know that we be slidin'
And I'm pouring up the purple like a Minnesota Viking
I make all these moves, make these moves with perfect timing

[Verse 1: DripGod Loo]
Ridin' down the highway, we just cruising with some pints
We been smoking gas, dog, I'm feeling so damn high
Shawty popped a perc, now she tryna do a line
Sayin' that you love me, but shawty you ain't mine
You know I got the strap dog, I keep it on my side
You know I want that smoke, til that day I f*cking die
They always f*cking try me, man I really don't know why
Sippin' on that 'gnac while we smoking on that fire
Always got me thinkin', who the f*ck is gonna ride?
His b*tch hittin' me up, but I cannot stay the night
Sorry lil shawty, I just came through for the night
Roll another Russian, yeah, she know just what I like
Pour another 4, yeah, baby I just might
Always got a foam, I'm addicted to the Sprite
We gonna get him gone, if he talking it's on sight
Saying he got bands, but he pull up on a bike
You wanna hit a stain, then you better do it right
Finesse the whole pack, yeah, I know that boy tight
I don't feel bad cause I know the pack light
Run off with the pack and I got his Offwhite
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