LAST DAY lyrics



I hope you been doin' well
The world on some S.O.L
f*ck yo job, today you feelin' ill
Come stay in Beverly Hills

I woke up this morning, some random number texted me
"You Tonya's boyfriend?"
Nah n*gga, oh please
"That b*tch been cheating on me"

f*ck, you ain't gotta lie
f*cking on some man, come up on my side
Been grinding on some boys since 2005
I can leave you quick if you wanna ticket to ride (go)
Been bunnyhoppin' since that janky b*tch jumped on my di*k
Acting a fool, running 'round town, she broke up with me, ego let down
Got me some friends, skatеd all summer, no frown
Junior year rolled around, I fеlt my world crash to land, wow
Became so inspired, I never ever been tired
Kept my time and my patience at an all time, never been higher
Don't need Mary Jane, when I got life, alright?
f*cking stay off that sh*t and you'll get through tight
Hello? This the operator?
I needa talk, I needa talk, later
Don't got many words I can say, craters
In my head and my brain, breaker

(Outro: A$AP Rocky)
I can, I can talk to you
I can, I can talk to you, babe
I can, I can talk to you
f*ck off, I been stalkin' you
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