"​fly with ü"

[Intro: Fraxiom]
What is up?
It is Frax from Massachusetts!
(Floor as the table, use the floor as a table
Rip the door off the hinges, use the door as a table
Funny funny funny!
(20 ounce-)
(20 ounce Red Bull is what I drink when I am able)
I'd love to sink with you into the deep dark night
Then teleport behind you, tooth your neck, shark bite
And when you're gone it comes to when or will I cry
I think I'll think about your thoughts until I die

[Verse: Fraxiom and Luigi]
I don't know if I wanna die
Hyperpop playlist Spotify
Never knew I'd get this far, just thought I might
You bought all your likes, you got botterflies
Under your skin like botfly
Whilе I'm baked, chicken pot pie, gеt it
Heard you're sucking someone with a vaporwave aesthetic
Yeah he thinks Macintosh Plus is tight
And he uses Japanese text in everything and he's f*cking white
Think you're Porter Robinson
f*ck you like the underwear I'm throbbing in
I don't care what you think, yell in your face, Resetti
(Ha, ha, ha, ha) L-O-L
I just got the bag and I converted it to bells
J.K. Rowling I'll find you and say hello like Adele
Make that b*tch ring her LifeAlert just like your grandma fell
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