Chief Keef

"IGHT DOE (REMIX) ft Chief Keef"

Said you wanna run up on me (Ight Doe) you a b*tch n*gga, shoot with ya eyes closed, mask on, kill you like I'm Michael, like g.d I’m a gangster disciple thirty shot extended clip I load every foreign car I rode I can never fold we kill whoever told everybody on my di*k Yeah, I know the b*tch raised her hand said she wanna blow f*ck with O.G BEY & you might glow rest in peace Big Glo the money goes wherever I go NO NO they don't know what I know pop you like a 'Wheelie’ (Motorcycle) b*tch n*gga shut up & go read a bible ben franklins all up in my bankroll it's all about the pesos Glocks with extendos
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