Chief Keef


Sosa on the beat!
Yeah [?]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah [?]
AMG Mercedes AMG
[?] [?]
I been poppin' xans I don't do no lean, yeah
All you b*tches stank, think they need febreze, yeah
Me and you are not the same we're different breeds
I might do the f*cking dash in a SRT, yeah
In a f*cking Tesla and I'm driving with no legs
That b*tch give me top, yeah she don't use no hands
[?] cause I look like I'm a lick
I cop prada wings he might bust one out yo hand
I'm not Gucci Gucci Gucci im Hermés
Two twin Glocks thеy my twins
You going on
Going on
Going on [?]
[Sorry I can't complete the lyrics please help]
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