This Chicago lyrics


Chief Keef

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Got some shooters VA
Got some shooters and I glo, and I know
For me they gon be shooting up a store
(This Chicago, n*gga!)
Keep my tool, use it like my wand
It's gon' do for me just like Juan
All this ice on me just like Laurent
n*gga don't like me, but his b*tch snatch my corn
b*tch, I get my guap and I get my way (my way)
If you looking for me, I'm in MIA (MIA)
b*tch, I got some shooters up in MIA (up in MIA)
And we toting poles up in MIA (up in MIA)
b*tch, I got some bloods that hang in LA (in LA)
I got some bloods that hang in LA (LA)
I got some shooters in Mephis, my Trueys (my Trueys)
They toting Budhas and Steppas and Uzis (and Uzis)
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