"Hotbox Freestyle"

[Verse 1: Omizz]
If your onto me then your onto gang
If I tap this twice, then i guarantee you ain't coming back
Bout time they boy dere get back
For all the time we slapped at hats
Talk on L's are you mad
Need dumb bill on your black like ?
What you know bout riding opp block see now [email protected]?
So you bill up a spliff kick back
Wallahi I'm talking facts
019 wen they started riding, so I dont wanna hear that chat

{Verse 2: Td}
Blacked out to the brim, I'm really tryna do up purging
Me n Biz had talks with the sticks, now we tryna leave a black yute hurting
Revenge dont have no date, when I get that drop its curtains
I'm tired of the 3 hour glides, we really been out here lurking
Ain't on their block, so we circle from block to block
Like where are these opps?

[Verse 3: Jojo]
D* got shot now I can't wait till I see his brother
How many man been chased, why the f*ck do they leave eachother
I just love when they talk on the net, live in the flesh see bare man stutter
Like what the bumpa dont get caught live corn in his pumpa
On the tps ??? my dcs goons ay someone gone light that crew
Why did the corn just miss his hat, headback shoulda got split in two
Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, thats another CID at my door
Food come ten outta ten why you think the cats kept ringing for more

[Verse 4: Jojo]
15 inches and 3.5s somebody affa get knifed and die
Some spill on the strip where the undies hide
Oh sh*t is that a armoured ride, won't slip let me call you back I need to reload and make some cash
For the dot dot ting with
I fling corn at your boyfriends hat
They ain't on sh*t they lie on tracks, I wanna see black yutes in papers
We came to their block left the whole scene looking all vacant
They really fear this gang, what you know about the 2 date

Someone else finish this off

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